INGO® Cucumber Water was created by Sanchali Roy as an all-natural zero-calorie beverage.

As an avid gym-goer, Sanchali was on the hunt for a healthy workout drink that wasn’t filled with chemicals, sugars and, most importantly, artificial sweeteners that are believed to actually contribute to weight gain.  She discovered that almost all sports drinks on the market were loaded with sugars and carbs (adding back any calories burned during a workout) or contained a long list of artificial ingredients that most of us can’t even pronounce.

Don’t drink colored water with sugar or artificial sweeteners that contribute to weight gain!
–Sanchali Roy


3-bottlesSanchali focused on  ingredients that would provide superior post-workout hydration compared to water, while still being all natural and zero-calorie.   Cucumber, lemon, mint and ginger are natural ingredients that have long been used by Sanchali’s family in various ayurvedic remedies to prevent bloat and aid with digestion. Our new Cucumber-Watermelon “Red Label”  is a great new flavor.

Sanchali and her family were drinking INGO instead of sodas, juices and plain water and she suggested that her fitness and nutrition clients do the same. They absolutely loved the drink, not only for its benefits but for it’s great taste. Driven by this inspiration, Sanchali wanted to offer INGO to a wider audience looking for a fitness drink that is more than just hydration.

My family and clients absolutely love INGO for its benefits and its great taste.
–Sanchali Roy