can I drink bulletproof coffee at night full guide 2023

can I drink bulletproof coffee at night full guide 2023

Are you a fan of bulletproof coffee or it is a part of your Keto diet and you think to take it at night also but you are confused about whether can I drink bulletproof coffee at night? If it is safe for me then you are on the right page.

In this post, I will give you a full guide then you will be able to decide easily when is it ok to take/drink bulletproof coffee at night and when not.  So hold your seat and be by the end of the post so let's start without wasting your valuable time.


In this post, you will clearly understand these points first: actually what is bulletproof coffee and what is the bulletproof coffee recipe not only the recipe but also a standardized calculation of protein, carbs, Fiber, etc. added at once in a bulletproof coffee. In the next step, we categorized our problem according to the situation.


 Then you will decide for yourself and I will share my own opinion also at the last of this post. If there is still any confusion, I will personally answer your question in the comment section below. So comment on your problem and if you like the post, don't forget to comment and share the post with the right people so they can also benefit.


·     Actually, what is bulletproof coffee?

·     What is the bulletproof coffee recipe?


What is bulletproof coffee:-

Bulletproof coffee is high-quality, low-toxin coffee blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil or MCT oil. Intended to replace Breakfast. It was originally promoted by Dave Asprey, the creator of the Bulletproof Diet.


What is the bulletproof coffee recipe:-

Brew a pot of coffee as you normally would. Mix coffee, butter, MCT oil (and salt & cinnamon if using) in a blender. Blend until smooth and serve hot.

In short "Coffee + high-quality fat + a blender" that's all. simple as you know but

let me know if you make 2 cups (470 ml) of coffee have 2 tablespoons (28 grams) of grass-fed, unsalted butter, and 1–2 tablespoons (15–30 ml,) of MCT oil used.


So what is going on here I can explain it with some facts so read carefully I will aware you of some factors:


Traditional coffee can be packed with toxins from the mold that grows on the coffee beans. Analysis of standard beans shows that more than 90% may have mold growth.



Butter is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Butyrate, one of the ingredients in butter, has powerful cellular-protective effects, especially on cells within the breast tissue. Conventional butter will be high in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids because those cows are fed grains. Grass-fed butter is naturally high in anti-inflammatory omega 3s and free from the pro-inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids. You want to check your butter comes from grass-fed cows (I use Kerrygold unsalted butter) and not from conventionally fed cows.


MCT oil Or COCONUT oil:

MCT refers to medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat found in coconut oil. The fat in coconut oil is about 60% MCTs and coconut oil can be found in traditional grocery stores. MCT oil is pure MCTs but isn’t available in most grocery stores. I buy mine online. It is a great source of energy that is burned for IMMEDIATE fuel and is highly unlikely to ever be stored as fat due to the unique chain length of the fatty acids.


Now we proceed to our main topic "can I drink bulletproof coffee at night  "

Why you want to drink it at night, we can be categorized it in some conditions,




Ø Are you a diet cautious or follow some diet chart who

1.    Wants to work or keep awake at night?

2.    Want to have a healthy sleep?


Ø you are a coffee lover who wants to include coffee in his night meal also but what are the conditions where you are able and where you are not-

1.    If you want to work or keep awake at night?

2.    Or do you want to have a healthy sleep?


You must have got some idea from the points discussed above but still, there is some confusion and you want to know my suggestion also.

Before telling you my suggestion, I would like to clarify some more points, which is very important for you to know so that my suggestion is satisfactory to you.



·     What are the bulletproof coffee side effects?


After that, I will answer all the above questions and you're also


What are bulletproof coffee benefits?


Here are listed some bulletproof coffee effects so read carefully

1.    Consuming coffee in moderation has many physical benefits and its consumption can reduce the risk of death from heart disease and many cancers.

2.    Adequate consumption of coffee can also reduce the chances of developing conditions such as liver disease, Parkinson's disease, and type 2 Diabetes.

3.    Consuming coffee in the morning can improve mental focus and consumption of coffee helps a person to feel more awake and alert. This effect can usually be observed for a maximum of a few hours.

4.    MCT oil extracted from coconut oil is used in bulletproof coffee recipes. MCT oil is composed of a medium-length chain of triglyceride fats. The shorter the chain of fats, the faster the body can break them down.

5.    helps in losing weight if needed, MCT oils may be more useful for weight loss than long-chain fatty oils, which contain most of the other fats and oils. so bulletproof coffee helps in weight loss also.

6.    It acts as a ketogenic diet, It is primarily observed that the body converts carbohydrates into energy before using fat for energy. When not enough carbohydrates are available, the body uses its fat stores as an alternative source of energy.

7.    When fat stores are used up by the body, ketones are produced. The ketogenic diet is found to be low in carbohydrates and high in fat. The promoters of Bulletproof Coffee say that it perfectly matches the definition of a ketogenic diet because it contains fat but no carbohydrates, and the body can use MCT oil. digested and converted into ketones.

8.    It is also beneficial in diabetes type 2, Some studies suggest that a low-carbohydrate diet may be beneficial for some people with type 2 diabetes.

9.    Consumption of bulletproof coffee can reduce the risk of heart attack or heart disease

10. Consumption of bulletproof coffee also helps in reducing the blood sugar level of a person.

11. reducing or controlling appetite, Drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning also helps to control hunger before breakfast time. Because the butter and oil mixed in bulletproof coffee make a person less hungry than drinking coffee alone It is worth noting that every person's body's needs are different, so some people may feel hungry in the morning even after drinking coffee until they have eaten for breakfast.


What are the bulletproof coffee side effects?

Here are listed some bulletproof coffee side effects so read carefully


1.    The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends people have a limited amount of saturated fat in their diet. The organization says only 5 to 6 percent of calories should come from saturated fat, which is around 13 grams of saturated fat per day.


2.    The United States Department of Agriculture says 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter contains around 7 grams of saturated fatty acids. Bulletproof coffee can contain 2 tablespoons of butter. that is 14 grams total of saturated fatty acids, which is more than the AHA’s recommended daily allowance.


3.    Consuming large amounts of saturated fat can raise the level of cholesterol in the blood. High cholesterol increases a person’s risk for stroke and heart disease.


4.    However, not all saturated fats are the same. In saturated fats, MCT oil may be a more healthful Trusted Source than long-chain fats.


5.    The idea is to drink bulletproof coffee as an alternative or replacing a meal with a drink can leave a person short of the nutrients they need each day.

6.    Bulletproof coffee doesn't contain the right balance of essential nutrients. like Coffee, oil, and butter do not contain carbohydrates, protein, fiber, or any of the other minerals & vitamins that a person needs.


Now I share my opinion with the help of the above-categorized questions and try my best to solve your query


When you are on diet and want to have a healthy sleep:-

According to experts, coffee should not be served within 8 hours before sleeping, if your bedtime is at 9 p.m., then you should be 8 hours before sleeping. That is, you can take coffee before 1 o'clock the day.

You should not drink bulletproof coffee at night because coffee contains theine caffeine, caffeine is a stimulant and it will disturb your sleep. Also, it is recommended to use bulletproof Coffee as a fulfilling Drink in the morning to help you last longer.


But if you are on a diet and have a strong desire to take it, you can use chamomile tea powder instead of coffee powder.

When you are on diet and you want to work or keep awake at night:-

Bulletproof coffee provides plenty of fat, which reduces your appetite and provides energy

You have a night shift in your office you want to work all night and you don't want to eat very heavy food in your night diet.

In such a situation, you are looking at bulletproof coffee as an option, but you cannot understand whether it would be right to do so.

So let me tell you that you can understand it in such a way whether it is going to last for a long time or a few days. Or are you thinking of taking it sometimes means not every night?

if your plan to continue it for a long time So you can reduce the amount of coffee powder If you want to use chamomile tea powder instead of coffee powder, it would be a better choice.

Chamomile tea powder has benefits for long-term health, which you can read in our other guide to know in detail. In which, detail about chamomile tea powder has been explained. Click here to read our chamomile-dedicated guide.

If it is only going to last for a few days then you can take it if possible then reduce the amount of coffee powder

If you have to wake up sometimes at night and you want to make bulletproof coffee instead of normal coffee then you can take it it will not do much affect your health much.

When you are a coffee lover and do not follow any diet but want to have a healthy sleep:-

If you are not following any diet, you should avoid drinking bulletproof coffee at night because doing so can increase the amount of fat in your body.

Which is present in the butter added to your coffee because you have already had enough dinner, then the elements needed for the energy needed for your night are already fulfilled.

In such a situation, consuming extra energy sources can increase the fat in your body. Because the body uses carbohydrates first to meet the need for energy and Other sources later.

In such a situation, if you are also using lint oil, then the matter becomes more serious. because MCT refers to medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat found in coconut oil It is a great source of the energy that is burned for IMMEDIATE fuel and is highly unlikely to ever be stored as fat due to the unique chain length of the fatty acids.

Therefore carbohydrates and nectar oil will meet your energy requirement. Leftover fat that you ate for dinner will be stored in your body as fat that can get you into trouble in the long run But your strong desire So you can take it once or twice a week, apart from this, avoid care as much as possible.

When you are a coffee lover and do not follow any diet and you want to work or keep awake at night:-

You can take it according to your ability you can be free to take it for some nights un-regularly but not think about continuing it for a long time it is dangerous for your health mostly your mental health so be careful so you will not face any trouble in future and when your night the shift changed or your business load may be reduced and you thinking about peaceful sleep at night so you will don't face any trouble in your sleep because Caffeine(present in coffee powder) has its side effects.

So what is the Conclusion :

In this post, I am trying to satisfy the query "can I drink bulletproof coffee at night" which is common for many people they search it on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more search engines and also discussed it with people but no one gave you the satisfactory answer with facts so they justify their opinion.

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